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ACA Qualified and looking for a move out of practice?

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ACA Qualified and looking for a move out of Practice?

ACA is in an internationally recognised and highly regarded qualification and more often than not can put you ahead of the competition. The skills you have gained through your training will be highly sought after by some of the global market-leaders in Commerce and Industry as well Financial Services. You know your skill-set is desirable but with plenty of options available to you, how do you make sure you get your first move out of practice right?


What do I want to do?

This is potentially one of the most important career moves you will make so it is important you get it right. It makes sense to explore a number of options available before making the right choice for you. Some of these options available to you will include;

Internal Audit

Financial and Group Accounting

Management Accounting

Financial Analysis

There is no right or wrong option amongst these routes into industry and each of these can provide you with a strong grounding to become a Financial Controller or Finance Director down the line. It is important to consider where you want to get to in the next two to five years and the boxes that need to be ticked to reach your goals. If you are still unsure, don’t panic! Just ask yourself what is most important to you and what you are passionate about. 


What do I do next?

As an ACA Qualified you will be presented with a lot of opportunities but there is also a lot of competition out there and in a growth market it is important you stand out. Two key areas to consider when approaching your search is how to make your C.V. and your personality prominent. Employers like detail and personality and to improve your chances of securing your dream role make sure you tailor your C.V. and be ready to present it, and yourself, in the best possible light.


Writing your CV

There is a wealth of advice available when it comes to CV writing and essentially this is your chance to market yourself to a prospective employer. We see many ACA Newly Qualified CV’s and many can look the same. They will all have an excellent academic background and a Practice that is well known. So it is important to provide detail on the key financial challenges you faced with each client and where possible, highlight the value that you added rather than just saying I audited X or Y. 

Be willing to let your personality come across on your C.V. and mention the extracurricular activities you participate in.


Your job search

It is important to plan your search to give you the best possible chance of securing your ideal role. Start talking to your peers where possible about their experiences and seek their recommendations. Start to look at Job Boards and get a feel for the types of roles and industry’s that excite you. If you are unsure about a job spec that has been presented to you, go along to the interview and let the line manager bring it to life. Chances are they may be an ACA and can offer you advice based on their own career choices. You can also speak with a recruiter but be careful when selecting who you work with. It is advisable to select a recruiter who operates in the sectors that most interest you. Look for recruiters who can offer you a consultative relationship and provide extra input with your search such as CV advice, interview training and longer term career planning. Be wary of those who keep approaching you with roles you have clearly stated do not interest you.


We would like to wish you the very best of luck in your search. Be prepared to be patient and do not settle for anything less than a role and industry that excites you. Making the wrong move can set you back and be time consuming so trust your gut feeling. 


Phil Dye – Director

The Consultancy Group


If you would like further advice on your job search please contact me on or call on 07971 162103