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Ever considered the world of professional contracting?

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With the line between interim and permanent contracts fading, I’m frequently asked 'how can I get into the world of professional Interim contracting?’.

We are going through an interesting period of global transformation, with businesses becoming more flexible in their approach to interim resource.  This is in part due to the sheer volume of change projects happening across the market over the past twelve months.

Gone is the perception of interim contractors being less the quality of a permanent individual.  More and more businesses are looking to bring on board experienced contractors to assist with a period of successful change. This change can vary from building a business up for a sales process, cost cutting, restructuring business models, systems or process implementation, or simply BAU individuals with specific project knowledge.

The increased demand for good interim professionals has allowed many people to start considering the world of full time contracting.  Not only does it open up many more doors for those looking for a change in role, it also offers the flexibility to successfully deliver a focused period of change before moving on to another project.

If this is something that you have considered, I would suggest putting yourself into the shoes of the hiring manager when applying for roles. They will be looking for specific project based expertise.  This can be a challenging time as a number of your permanent experiences will be working as part of a wider delivery team.

One method of overcoming this can be to focus the CV around key achievements and the delivery success in the most recent role to highlight what value you have added in this position. It is also worth exploring the network you have gained over the years to tap into potential short term contracts through recommendations.