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Happy New Year....Here's my Resignation

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As we enter 2016, many employees will have spent the holidays reflecting on their life circumstances and how they can improve them. Setting a New Years resolution will be high on the agenda and will be likely to include; earn more money and of course find a new job.  January and February is usually a very busy period for most recruitment businesses, with employers having to backfill roles where restless employees have come back from holiday and confirmed their resolve to make a change.

Here are some tips to help manage this risk;

  • Try and identify employees who don’t seem to be 100% committed.  Warning signs may include increased leave or decreased performance.
  • Take steps to speak with these employees so that any issues or concerns can be addressed.  You may not be able to fix all of the issues, but it will show you care.
  • Provide your employees with some structure and direction for the new year.  Communicate your plans for the upcoming quarter and what you are working towards

Employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, but the most common being unhappy with Management or feeling undervalued.  These issues should not be ignored and by developing a culture of loyalty and understanding, through open conversations, you will minimise those unexpected departures.