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Thinking of Moving Jobs? Top 4 Tips to Kick off Your Job Search

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Thinking of Moving Jobs? Top 4 Tips to Kick off Your Job Search

The first month of the New Year is nearly over and Christmas now seems like a distant memory. There are plenty of new faces down at the gym, the bars and pubs across London are desperate for dry January to be over and thankfully the stresses for many of Year-End are coming to an end.

Time does indeed fly but the hopeful resolutions of new-starts and new beginnings for many are still within grasp. The first quarter of any Recruitment year whatever the economic climate is often the busiest but finding the time to secure the right role in a company and culture that excites you can remain a challenge.

If you follow some simple steps however by setting up the right tools and by investing time into building an effective network, opportunities can be easier to find than you think.

1) Have a Polished LinkedIn Profile

This may sound simple but at The Consultancy Group we are continuously asked to advise on maximising or improving a candidates LinkedIn profile. In today’s talent ecosystem, LinkedIn is often the starting point for highlighting your valuable skill set and connecting with the network that you want to notice you.

i) Start with a dynamic summary and this should direct people to your talent and experience. This is your online signpost to show who you are and what you can offer. Every role must succinctly summarise your successes and achievements to date and within each role; the things that you personally delivered during your tenure.

ii) Make sure you add a photo and make sure it looks professional.

iii) Recommendations are a great addition and do not be afraid to ask for them – people do read them and they will take stock. Try and engage online by commenting and participating in groups, articles and status updates.

2) Prepare your CV

Having an up to date document that is ready to send is an essential part of any job search whether you are actively or passively looking. This document needs to be clean and easy to read but before you consider sending this anywhere, put yourself in the employer’s shoes and follow these steps;

i) Be Honest and Factual. Your CV will typically be used to structure the interview so make sure you structure it using accurate information

ii) Promote achievements and successes. Use your CV to accentuate your real skills and abilities

iii) Focus on value. Remember, the reader is asking themselves two basic questions: can you do the job and will you fit their organisation

iv) Make yourself easy to contact

v) Proof read, proof read and proof read again

3) Meet the right recruiters.

Most Professionals are time short so taking time out to meet a multitude of recruiters can seem a big ask. A Professional Recruiter however can present you with the right opportunities and save you a lot of time. Choosing the right ones to represent you however is key.

i) Do your research. Look at their LinkedIn Profiles and choose experienced recruiters who are clearly well networked within your profession. Check their recommendations and the roles they are advertising.

ii) Ask for recommendations amongst your peer group.

iii) Call the Recruiter directly and present your experience in a succinct way and be clear on what you are looking for.

iv) Be prepared to meet face to face. A strong and credible recruiter will insist on meeting and should be happy to meet up outside of work hours and off-site.

v) Be clear about what you are looking for and agree on the best way you can be contacted.

4) Register with Job Boards

Make sure you know where the best roles within your profession are advertised. Within the Finance and Accounting area for example the most used job boards are GaapWeb, Exec-Appointments and Reed.

i) Set up job alerts tailored to your search criteria to ensure you are updated with relevant opportunities

ii) Post your CV to relevant roles but follow up your submission by either contacting the recruiter or hiring manager directly. Proactivity is never frowned upon and can set you apart from the crowd.

iii) It is worth registering your details on your Recruitment Partners website. By doing this you will receive regular updates with positions of interest. You can do this on our website at

Finding a new role can feel like a big investment of time but if you position your search in the right way and are prepared to follows these basic steps, your ideal role shouldn’t be too hard to find. After all it will be Easter before you know it…

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail please contact me at