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Where Are All The Candidates?

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Make the most of your hiring window..

Just like looking for a new job, looking for your next hire can be tiresome and sometimes feel exhaustive. The Consultancy Group have written about the skills gap on numerous occasions and as our markets are ever changing this could never be more true. If we take retail as an industry then we can see that with the rise of e-commerce, some roles are becoming increasingly specialised within that field. Therefore, in order to capitalise on finding the best talent it is essential that you understand when to hire and how to do this more effectively.

The truth is, there is really never a perfect time to hire. Forbes writes that you should avoid holidays, summer etc but the reality is that many businesses don't always appreciate that what they want isn't always readily available to them due to many factors (Competition, Niche roles, Mismanaged expectations etc). It is undeniable that The London market has seen a rise in demand for candidates, resulting in increased competition for the best candidates and due to timing or constraints on the recruitment process these businesses may lose out on this talent.

In order for our market to make the most of their opportunities to hire, I think it requires a culture shift or change in mind-set to capture the best talent. Strong leaders know that success comes from those beneath you, working in a well-coordinated effort and for the 'greater good'. Team leaders should know what skills they require or are missing from their team, so why not look for this more openly and in a less hurried process?

Of course this is idealistic and there are many blockers to having this sort of approach such as budget, hiring freezes etc. However, there is no doubt that as a hiring manager, you will see a greater benefit to meeting with high potential talent that could be suitable for your team/s or business on a continued basis.


How do I find the time? How do I keep in contact?

The Consultancy Group have found that clients getting the best service and those that feel most satisfied with their talent acquisition in Finance & Accounting teams are those that partner closely and more openly with one or a limited number of agencies that really understands them. Ironically, even though you are engaging less agencies, this process can be faster and more effective given the better relationship and understanding between the client and the agency and an increased consolidated effort from both parties to find the right people. This does require a more open relationship but it is guaranteed to work better than releasing a role to a list of suppliers who may be less engaged.

I feel that we have all the right tools and components readily available at our disposal to make the hiring process more simple. However, we often complicate the process too much and sometimes the efforts are far too widespread in the effort to cast the net wider, which is a natural response.

Invest in time to invest in your people or your workplace

This does also require candidates to be more open to meeting prospective employers, however, almost all candidates are now aware that to get the most out of your search you need to constantly build a bigger and stronger network amongst the hiring community.

Next up; How well does your recruitment process reflect your image in the market? How well do you measure the efficiency of your recruitment process?