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Brexit is Boring! Whats the market like?

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‘Brexit’ is all getting a bit boring.  The key question is What’s the Accountancy & Finance recruitment market like?

Below is a brief overview of our findings since the all important vote to leave....

Qualified Accountants who are looking for their next role, are likely to find the majority of roles are in Commerce & Industry.  Employers in this space are also more likely to be flexible, willing to hire candidates from outside their industry sector.

What’s it paying?  Is a familiar question thrown our way

We are currently in a candidate short market and this combined with sustainable levels of growth and increased employer confidence, we expect to see salaries improve in most sectors.

Unfortunately, the once booming property market, has been one of the ‘Brexit’ casualties with the number of new accounting opportunities being few and far between.

Technology and Media, on the other hand, are quite the opposite and continue to perform strongly.

Retailers, particularly those in E-Commerce, are continuing to create new opportunities in finance.

The Interim market has continued to perform well across the board, with most in this talent pool receiving multiple job offers across any one period.


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