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Five Reasons To Not Follow The Crowd

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One of our core strengths at The Consultancy Group is recruiting qualified interim Accountants. As such, we see a number of newly qualified Antipodean candidates, arriving in London on two-year visas looking to secure their first commercial role within a large FTSE listed business.

While it’s always impressive to have one of those names on your CV, taking a different path and securing an interim role with a slightly smaller, though equally impressive FTSE listed business, for example, can also be a very positive move. Here are our top five reasons why.

It broadens your skillset

Many placements with smaller companies are project based, which means that you can take ownership of a task and see it through to the end. Within a larger organisation you may be responsible for one specific aspect of a project, whereas in a smaller company, you may well be involved in the entire business process and gain a real insight into how a company operates. Similarly, smaller firms and start-ups are often experiencing dynamic periods of high growth, on which you can have a genuine effect and see tangible results.

You can make a bigger impact

Working for a huge firm you’re a small fish in a very big pond. In a smaller organisation however, it’s easier to make a bigger impact. Processes tend to be shorter and more visible, which means that you can see the effect of your work relatively quickly. Not only is this more rewarding, but being able to highlight these achievements on your CV will make you a more attractive prospect in the future.

It gives you greater responsibility

You are likely to be given greater responsibility and in a much shorter time frame with a smaller company. You can also gain access to more senior level staff, such as hands-on experience with a Finance Director, who can offer you advice or act as a mentor. The extra responsibility you may get will allow you to develop your leadership, team working, time management and organisation skills – all of which are crucial on your CV.

You can move around

The beauty of taking on an interim role is that you don’t have to spend the whole of your visa length in a single role. Interim positions tend to last anywhere between six to twelve months, meaning you could also experience a couple of different business sectors too. Varied experience will put you in a much stronger position further down the line and may enable you to identify other opportunities that present themselves later.

Your placement can be tailored to suit you

One of the biggest benefits of working for a smaller company is that your time there is less likely to follow a standard and predetermined schedule. There is a lot more flexibility than at a huge corporation, which means that you can be presented with opportunities that reflect your interests and the career path you want to go down.

If you are travelling to the UK in the future and would like help finding your next finance role, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.