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The Need For Speed

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In recruitment, both clients and recruiters know all about the ongoing war for talent, particularly in times of a candidate-driven market. When specific skill sets are in demand, the right candidates, whether temporary or permanent, are coveted by several employers and can be snapped up quickly.

We have recently noticed an increase in a concerning trend that is leaving some employers forced to settle for second best or even remain empty-handed, not because the proposition of working for them wasn’t attractive enough, but because they didn’t move fast enough to secure the individual they wanted.

A good recruitment agency today has the specialist consultants; the network; the technology; and the processes to deliver a high quality shortlist of the best professionals in the market much faster than in days gone by. Clients are obviously happy with this part of the process, especially for urgent mandates or hard-to-fill roles. But frequently, the timeline can slow almost to a halt due to internal processes, meaning the candidate often accepts a position elsewhere. The best talent, in this market, can afford to be picky, and not wait around for every hiring manager’s decision.

In our experience, a client is never the only one out there with ambitious growth and hiring plans. We always advise clients to believe that if they’re engaging us with a mandate, then their direct competitors are engaging someone at the same time, so time can never be wasted.

We also propose whenever possible that:

  • A strict agenda is set at the beginning of the process (and not just for the recruitment agency)
  • The number of key decision makers is as limited as it can be
  • Those decision makers need to have time booked in their diaries at the appropriate later stage of the interviewing and hiring process
  • Internal procedures need to be reviewed regularly to keep up with the pace of hiring today

Of course, we can only advise – after all, the client is the client and can proceed at their own pace should they wish, but, unfortunately, recent experience is definitely showing that if you snooze, you lose!

If you would like to discuss your internal processes or any recent experience hiring, please contact us.