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How to get the best out of your team

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This may not be a typical opening line from a recruiter, but hopefully, you have a finance team that you’re currently happy with, with strength and skills across the board and all the right hires in place. (If you don’t, then you need to call us!) However, even the very best finance functions experience challenging periods throughout the course of a financial year and it’s how you manage these times, with complementary talent when needed, that enables you to truly get the best from your team.

Bringing in professional finance interims to help you navigate through busier or changing times, not only allows your permanent team to carry on with business as usual, but also makes your division more dynamic, responsive and competitive. Scenarios where companies typically reach out for temporary qualified individuals include:

  • Year end process
  • During M&A
  • Periods of change, such as new technology adoptions or in internal structure
  • On additional projects
  • In times of accelerated growth
  • To cover a leave of absence

Many interims are career interims, not just temps looking for a permanent role. As they actively choose the interim life, they are experienced at hitting the ground running on their first day. They require minimal on-boarding and can find their feet fast, making an immediate impact, which can be particularly useful in times of an unexpected absence in your team. Interims also have vast experience elsewhere, often at competitors, and so can bring with them important insight and fresh ideas, possibly improving your already strong permanent team. For special projects, your team may be lacking in niche skill sets that would only be required on a temporary basis – something that an interim can bring to the table for as long as you need them.

Some businesses prefer to take on more junior level temps for periods such as Year End, using it as a chance to up-skill their own permanent junior team members to find out whether they are ready for the added responsibility of a step up. This is an excellent and cost effective way of using your own team’s strengths while ensuring there is no shortfall elsewhere.

Many temporary finance professionals will usually only stay for the length of the negotiated contract, however some temps are actively interested in a permanent position. If after reassessing your needs once a project or period of change is completed, you decide that your team needs an addition, particularly if your business has grown, you can sound them out about staying and taking a permanent role. You will have already seen them in action and know whether they would be a good fit for your business, making the decision making process faster and easier.