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How to be a successful transactional finance contractor

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The market for temporary transactional finance professionals is currently thriving. Finance teams typically rely on contract staff at traditionally busier times of the cycle and during projects or periods of change, but we are also now seeing an uptake due to the current economic and political era of uncertainty. Many companies may be postponing permanent hiring plans until the new government’s policies or Brexit are better understood, which brings transactional finance contractors to the fore. So, how can you take advantage and be a truly successful transactional finance contractor?

If you’re reading this thinking, “It’s just another temp role”, then unfortunately you’re exactly the type of candidate who isn’t going to be in demand for long. The professional contractor has number of qualities that differentiates him or herself from the casual temp. When they accept a new fixed term contract, they commit. They understand that their role is vital because the finance function they have joined is under-resourced or under pressure, and so they hit the ground running, striving to make an immediate impact, as they would if it were a new permanent role. Given the finite nature of their interim position, the professional transactional finance contractor will aim to take no time off during their contracted period and always sees the project through to its agreed end date.

Some of the more successful contractors in the transactional finance space are career interim professionals. They actively choose the working life of moving from project to project because of the many positives this can bring: control over the work/life balance; a wealth of your chosen employers on your CV; and the freedom and flexibility of moving. Their reputation grows with each move and they become much sought after. The star performers are often approached with offers of a permanent position; either from their current employer or a recent one they have helped. For the long term career interim, these offers may not be of interest, but for those professional contractors who have nurtured a good CV and a solid reputation; it can be a fantastic stepping stone into the perm role of their dreams.

If you are interested in exploring contract roles within transactional finance or are an experienced interim looking for a next move, then contact us today.