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Never a better time to pursue a career in finance

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It’s easy to be negative, isn’t it? Read the broadsheets, watch the news on TV at night, play it safe and never leave the house again! Whichever one of the many threats in today’s world concerns you most – the economy; climate change; terrorism; or a certain president with his finger on the nuclear button – it’s far easier to wallow in the doom and gloom created by the news than look for any positives.

While these are all of course life threatening, worldwide issues, our microcosm in specialist recruitment is facing its own set of circumstances with challenging times ahead for both our clients and candidates. So should they bury their heads in the sand and hope that change won’t come, or embrace it and use it to their advantage?

When times of political, technological or economic change are upon us, commercial businesses need not only strong leadership to guide them, but also finance teams they can rely on. Having a strong commercial finance outlook can shape the future of a company, whether that is through the eventual fallout from Brexit; the adoption of A.I.; navigating the compliance of GDPR; or whatever other imminent perceived “threat” might be on the horizon. An entrepreneurial leadership team will manage to see the positives in all of these events, and the finance or accountancy professional with the same attitude could be in for an exciting period in their career.

History has shown that progress is positive. Change is rarely received well initially, but ultimately the bigger picture becomes richer for it. Again, purely at a commercial finance level, we’ve been through downturns, crashes and recessions, but bouncing back stronger than before is something we do. As companies ready themselves for change on a number of fronts, we believe that there has never been a better time to be in finance. The demand for finance and accountancy professionals, particularly those with tech-specific or niche skill sets has rarely been higher, so regardless of which way you lean politically, the opportunity is there to see your career glass as half full and to go ahead and top it up.