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Could your next career move be abroad?

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Starting any new job can be a challenging time, even when you’re the best at what you do and your new role is in the office building next door. Taking a position abroad adds a number of other factors into the mix, which can add to those new-job stress levels, putting off a lot of candidates. However, for many people it can be a hugely rewarding experience, which could be something to consider this cold, wet January…

Many candidates’ eyes light up at the prospect of transferring their skills to a role in another country, and with good reason, both on a personal and professional level:

  • The chance to experience a new culture and people
  • Possibly learn a new language for, enhancing your career prospects
  • Financial incentives such as tax benefits
  • A new commute/weather/work-life balance
  • A significantly wider choice of employers and roles, or international high profile projects
  • The opportunity to grow your own global network

Some candidates are lucky enough to work for an international employer where secondments sometimes become available, but for most it’s a question of going where the best opportunities arise or following those aspects of working abroad that appeal the most. Some people will have their career at the forefront of this search; others will have the lifestyle elements in mind.

For example, at the moment, The Consultancy Group has a number of senior finance roles available in Gibraltar, which offers the warm climate, has no language barrier and presents significant tax benefits to consider. There is the option of a simple commute and living over the border in Spain if language learning is your thing, and there are both permanent and temporary roles to consider for those who may want to experience it for a finite period of time. In this instance too, our client is offering a full relocation package, removing one of the mental obstacles some candidates have.

Although we typically recruit for roles in London and the Home Counties, many of our clients are major employers and international businesses, and when opportunities abroad for ambitious finance professionals come up, like this example in Gibraltar, we waste no time in letting our candidates know about it and always get a keen response. So, if some year-round sunshine sounds appealing to you, or you’ve been considering a position abroad to take your career path in a new direction, contact us today!