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New Year New Job Resolutions

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It’s halfway through January: how are your New Year resolutions going? Maybe you’re taking on Dry January successfully and hammering your new gym membership card, but chances are that some of your good intentions have already been derailed. And what about that promise you made to yourself about getting a new job, how’s that going?

According to a report at the end of 2017, over 50% of the UK workforce said that they would be looking for a new job in 2018. It featured in the YouGov poll of top ten New Year resolutions too. So, with the majority of employers also planning to recruit this year, the task should be pretty straightforward, right? It’s OK; we know it’s not. Your desk is already piled high and your January workload already looks like it will take until Easter, so job hunting has been bumped way down your list. Don’t worry, here are our Top 5 tips that will ensure you can start the ball rolling this month and soon see that new position clearly on the horizon.

  • 1. Set yourself a goal: do your research and lay down some firm criteria. It doesn’t need to be an actual deadline, but you should have a clear focus on where you want to go – whether that is a specific role, employer or pay grade. It will help hone your job search enormously.
  • 2. Get your CV in shape: nice and clear; sell yourself and your skills; and keep it absolutely accurate so that you can talk it through in detail. Do your LinkedIn profile while you’re at it – you never know who may be looking for someone with your skills.
  • 3. Find a recruitment consultant you can trust: a good recruiter will work with you, understanding your career ambitions, as well as your work/life goals and corporate culture preferences. Arrange a meeting, taking your new CV.
  • 4. Network: answer those LinkedIn messages and take advantage of the socially quiet January to set up some informal coffees, purely to get a feel for the marketplace and activity. Absorb any advice or sector news you didn’t already know about.
  • 5. Act in January: so many candidates wait until bonus season is over to even start looking for a new job, but starting now will give you the competitive edge over others without jeopardising anything coming your way in March’s pay.

These simple steps will not only keep your New Year resolution on track, but also allow you to juggle your current workload and commitments successfully. And if you would like to speak to a friendly recruitment consultant to tick off No.3 above…