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Roll up your mat, yoga!

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To mark Mental Health Awareness Week as well as promote an upcoming charity event our office is undertaking, we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of hiking this week. You might think it has very little to do with our usual topics of careers and the workplace, but there is an interesting link between this increasingly popular pastime and our daily working lives.

The World’s Global Style Network (WGSN), the leading trend forecaster, correctly predicted that hiking would grow in popularity in 2018 and has suggested that it may even replace yoga as the go-to fitness trend in 2019. While on the face of it they don’t seem to be similar activities, both hiking and yoga have huge mental benefits as well as physical. While both forms of exercise can work your legs and core, it’s the brain that gets an extra workout, with research into hiking showing that spending time out in nature can increase attention spans and creative problem solving skills by up to 50%. It reduces self-sabotaging patterns of thought; allows you to switch off from tech and other people; and creates headspace for decision-making. Hiking affords the mindfulness of the meditation aspect of yoga and is the perfect opportunity to put things in perspective. 

In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity and workplace stress, an outlet to practise a mindful pursuit should be embraced. In recruitment, we often see people facing difficult personal and professional dilemmas. The classic fork in the career path – should they stay or go? Will the new company be the right fit? Or is the security of their current role better? As has been highlighted across this Mental Health Awareness Week, workplace stress is a growing, serious issue in the UK, so we’re in favour of any release or aid that comes our way. 

Next weekend, members of our team are attempting the Three Peaks Challenge for this year’s chosen charity Pancreatic Cancer UK. We have been training and gathering sponsors and hope to raise some much-needed funds for this excellent cause. Other than taking some photos of the incredible scenery, we won’t be answering emails, taking calls or texting. We’ll be hiking. 

If you’d like to help our chosen charity, please donate something, however small, on our page: