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A dozen reasons everyone should consider temping

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With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, coupled with the recent gradual change in mentality from Millennials about careers, there has been a marked preference for temporary staff from both employers and candidates. At The Consultancy Group, our interim business has grown 40% since January of this year, for example. Clients’ trepidation about making permanent hires though could actually be a blessing in disguise, as there are a number of benefits to engaging temporary workers, on top of the obvious flexibility ahead of a Brexit decision. Here are our top 12 reasons to consider temps – both from the client and candidate points of view.

6 benefits for clients:

  • A temp is the perfect “try before you buy” scenario if permanent hiring is potentially on the horizon
  • Temporary staff are cost effective as you are only invoiced for the hours worked, with no long-term commitment needed
  • Interims are often available at short notice, thanks to the speedy recruitment process and ready pool of talent on standby, which means that they are able to relieve the pressure in the wake of sudden departures or fast growth
  • Temp staff are vetted in advance in terms of references by the recruitment consultancy, which is also on hand throughout the contract for support
  • Due to their varied experience, temps may also bring additional, valuable skills to your team, on top of an outsider’s perspective
  • Career interims hit the ground running and can make an immediate impact, negating the need for a lengthy on-boarding process.

6 benefits for candidates:

  • The “try before you buy” logic is a two-way street – temping affords candidates an opportunity to find out exactly what the employer is like, should they need to consider a permanent role later
  • Being on standby as a temp, ready to go, means a significantly shorter recruitment process and the ability to begin earning right away
  • Temping gives the ultimate flexibility if work/life balance is important, something that permanent positions often can’t match
  • Interims generally have a much broader skill set thanks to their varied experience, as well as knowledge of multiple sectors or systems, which makes them valuable
  • As well as a varied CV, it is also an opportunity to gain some heavyweight professional references that will stand the test of time
  • Every professional contact you make has the potential to be of importance in the future – and temporary staff build bigger networks faster than individuals who only move jobs every few years.

If you are considering an interim career or are an employer in need of urgent specialist temporary staff, contact us today.