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Copy Of Six Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing To A Digital Transformation

Six key questions to ask yourself before committing to a digital transformation

Digital transformation, the adoption of technology to move business processes and operations towards digitalisation, has changed considerably in recent years and is still constantly evolving as ERP...

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The potential cost of an ERP failure

ERP has a reputation for being difficult and expensive to implement, not because it actually is when planned correctly, but due to a number of high-profile examples of organisations who have got it...

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How will Oracle grow in 2020?

2019 has seen Oracle downshift and downsize away from its legacy hardware business to focus on its higher-margin subscription cloud applications, such as NetSuite and Fusion. The ongoing process ha...

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How to avoid ERP implementation failures in the planning stages

The estimated figures may vary wildly depending on the analyst, but it’s clear that a high percentage of ERP implementation projects ultimately fail, with some high-profile companies getting it pub...

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Why did SAP wait to embrace the cloud?

SAP is a name synonymous with ERP as one of the pioneers in the space and was a market leader for many years until the advent of cloud technology. SAP was a latecomer to the cloud and though it may...

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