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It’s not only candidates who need to sell themselves

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In today’s market, recruitment is very much a two-way process: not only does the candidate need to sell themselves during the interview process, the employer also needs to sell their organisation just as hard if they want to land the very best talent.

When you consider that the top candidates are likely to be interviewing for least three or four opportunities and potentially receiving similar offers, then their decision may come down to which company best sold themselves in return. Employers shouldn’t take their organisation’s selling points for granted, but should work hard, from the outset, to win the candidate’s approval. This is particularly relevant for the latest generation of candidates who are interested in way more than just a starting salary figure.

If the public face of the brand means they are still interested, then an employer’s recruitment process needs to be on point too. Not only does the interview need to be great, but the process too. The candidate experience is vital, and first impressions count, so ensure that the office is looking its best and the interviewer is on time and knows exactly who they are meeting. Putting the candidate at ease by offering them a tea or coffee before you start and having water available in the meeting room is an easy win.

Candidates can easily become disillusioned with the length of time the hiring process might take, or with poor communication, opting to move to a more efficient or communicative competitor in a heartbeat. As part of the interview process, it’s important to find out what motivates the client and what they are looking for in an offer, many will have their own internal check boxes and criteria to meet, so it’s imperative you find out what these are, whether it’s a defined career path, flexible working or non-financial perks.

Interviewing itself is a skill and too often managers go through the motions in the belief that they hold the position of power. In reality, the interviewer is often the first public face of the employer that the candidate will meet, so it’s important to put your best people forward. Choose your best brand ambassadors who can be engaging, welcoming and are able to fully articulate their employer proposition. 

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