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New Year, New Job

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The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on your career. As we approach the close of the decade and enter a new one where professional fulfilment and wellbeing are being seen as equally important, there’s even more reason to take stock and focus on where you’re heading next.

There are always a number of polls and surveys released at this time of year, calmly stating that the majority of us are unhappy at work or looking to change jobs in the coming year, not to mention “a new job” featuring every year in the most common New Year resolutions lists. However, most people are already in Christmas mode and don’t do anything about it until mid-January at the earliest, once the novelty of the new gym membership has worn off. Here are three reasons why we believe the festive period is the perfect time to start the process if you want to change jobs in 2020.

•    Downtime

Traditionally, the workload is lighter as we head towards the Christmas break and there’s a more informal atmosphere with office parties to negotiate and Christmas shopping to be done. Hiring managers are in the same position. As well as possibly having one eye on some outstanding recruitment budget, they may well have the time to kick off a speedier hiring process, as well as more time to focus on any candidate putting in the effort now. 

•    Head start

Using your emptier December inbox to take advantage of prepping your CV and LinkedIn profile, as well as research potential employers, will give you the edge on the competition who aren’t going to bother starting for a month. Focus on the skills you have that you believe will be in demand, as well as thinking about references. One of the reasons people don’t start the process until the New Year is because they see bonus season on the horizon and December as the year before, but realistically that’s a matter of weeks away and not worth delaying your search for.

•    Networking

Party season can be networking season if you’re in the right mindset. People are far more inclined to meet for a coffee or socially at this time of year, which you can use to your advantage. Even interviewing is easier at the time of year, with people coming and going from the office more informally. Arrange some meetings, sharpen up your connections, and don’t forget your recruiter too – engaging the right one early, who understands your New Year motivations and ambition, could mean you get their focus to yourself before the annual influx of January candidates. 

If you would like any advice on preparing your CV, interview technique, or want to talk to someone about a move in early 2020, contact us today.