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Why L&D is your hiring superpower

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Why L&D is your hiring superpower

The hiring climate is one that is generating a lot of conversation and interesting debate - especially after the hiring boom that we experienced at the beginning of 2022. 

We are now entering a time in the market where things are levelling out - bringing us back to pre-pandemic hiring rates. This should be seen as a positive with unemployment rates at an all-time low, and gives organisations an opportunity to level up to continue to attract incredible talent - the bar has been raised!

L&D in 2022: what do we already know? 

When we look at L&D and the general way that organisations tend to train - it’s fair to say that there is a large focus on technical skill. This at face value makes sense, as ultimately, it’s there to improve business performance, employee performance, and keep the “cogs” of a business turning.

However, in recent years, L&D has become incredibly multifaceted: culture, mental health, diversity and inclusion; working with remote teams etc. A lot of learning and development now has a crossover with what we had considered the sole responsibility of HR and operations, but as businesses evolve, and flexible workforces become popular, L&D must stay ahead of the curve and ensure that employees are being offered training beyond technical expertise. 

This holistic approach is great news for employees and businesses alike - from an employee satisfaction perspective, but also for recruitment teams.  

 [The following statistics taken from the LinkedIn learning report]

id you know:

74% agree that L&D has become more cross-functional

72% agree that L&D has become a more strategic function in their organisation

62% agree that L&D is focused on rebuilding or reshaping their organisation in 2022


How can you extend your training beyond technical skills?

Traditional technical training can be executed in the form of courses, one-on-one training, or external partners. However, L&D can also be delivered in the form of becoming a mental health first-aider, or employees becoming an integral part of a D&I function within an organisation. 

Unconscious bias training, remote team management and engaging in training that enables remote teams to function better all extend beyond the technical know-how that we expect from L&D.

If employees are given the option to invest in themselves beyond hitting technical milestones for promotion, this shows long-term investment from an employer, too. 

The by-product of this is stimulated employees who are provided access to training that may not be available at a competitor - and this can be your hiring and retention superpower. 

Not only will this enable you to achieve better retention for those already within your organisation, but it also allows you to use this as a recruitment tactic and position yourselves uniquely in the market. 

Although benefits, competitive pay, and culture all form part of your go-to-market strategy when recruiting, offering a well-rounded L&D programme that enables you to stand out from your competitors is more powerful than you’d think. 

Learning leads the way - impacting your culture and brand reputation

We’ve already covered how much L&D has evolved and how it can benefit individuals within an organisation - but seeing the link between L&D and recruitment can often feel like a stretch when looked at from a surface level. 

But, creating a culture that employees are proud of, and creating an environment where individuals will thrive will enable you to attract great quality talent as a default. You spend the majority of your week at work, and if you enjoy what you do - and feel supported by your organisation, you’ll want to share that information with other people. 

Each industry and each specialism has networks and communities where information is shared about organisations: good and bad. If great things are being said behind closed doors - people will want to work for you. 

But, to create a culture that is nurturing, positive, supportive, and exciting - it all circles back to L&D. 

“Employees who rate their culture highly are 25% more likely to be happy at work and 31% more likely to recommend working at their organisation.” - LinkedIn Learning Report


But, don’t forget about investing in your L&D leaders, too

“L&D is having a bit of an ‘oh @#&%’ moment. L&D functions are being expected to lead some pretty high-level initiatives, like mobility and upskilling. Our data indicates that L&D pros may feel underprepared, and they’re actively seeking leadership, business, and data skills as much as, if not more than, traditional L&D skills.” - LinkedIn Learning Report

Due to the multifaceted nature of L&D, and its newfound role in supporting Recruitment, technical training, D&I and mobility - don’t assume that your L&D leaders are equipped with all the tools they need to deliver. 

To ensure that your L&D team (or individual) is well-versed in supporting your recruitment efforts, a starting point is creating a strategy that aligns with hiring goals, business performance, culture, and brand. 

This will be nuanced depending on each organisation - and we wish there was a silver bullet! But, it’s a great place to start.