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Don't be put off by a CVA

The competition in the High Street across the Casual Dining and Fast Food industry has never been as intense as it is now.  While a number of brands continue to thrive, new brands popping up, of...

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Addressing gender equality issues in Finance

In a world that’s fighting so hard for gender equality, why is the finance industry still lagging behind? Reports show that the gender pay gap is still significant and not closing as fast as in oth...

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Antipodeans abroad - securing your first role in the UK

As an Australian recruitment consultant in London, a subject I have first-hand experience about, both personally and professionally, is securing a role abroad. It has been a traditional rite of pas...

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“I Want A More Commercial Role!”

At this time of year, this is the phrase we hear most from newly qualified ACA’s. As they come onto the market during September and October, it is often the first chance they have had to properly c...

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The pros and cons of digital transformation for finance departments

Relatively new technology has very quickly become an integral part of many organisations’ digital transformation plans. But do the likes of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process informat...

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