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Is a move into commercial finance what I really want?

The majority of ACA NQ accountants have been on a pretty rigid career path since they entered the profession – typically three years of hard work in a specific discipline such as audit. Once their ...

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Is now a good time to leave a job in practice and move to industry?

For a lot of freshly ACA qualified accountants, their first question to us will be "is now a good time to be leaving my job in practice for industry?". The simple answer is, yes. The finance depart...

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Newly Qual Crossroads Blog Facebook

Are you at the newly qualified crossroads?

So, you are either newly qualified or recently qualified and you have reached the crossroads in your career. After completing your training in audit, accounts preparation or management accounts you...

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The rise of the finance business partner

In a world where businesses are feeling increasingly vulnerable about the commercial and financial risks they’re exposed to, the requirements of finance professionals are rapidly changing. Conventi...

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Article 50 & Q2

Brexit has inevitably created uncertainty across the majority of industry sectors – we’ve never been in this situation before, so no one knows how it’s going to play out. The financial services and...

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