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Q4 Ma2 Business Case    Blog

Structuring your business case for hiring during a pandemic

In times of crises that ultimately affect the bottom line, it is common for businesses to trigger an immediate hiring freeze while they spend their resources fighting fires elsewhere. In the curren...

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Q4 Ma2 Business Case    Blog

The impact of COVID-19 on preparing for Brexit

Remember Brexit? If it’s been pushed down your order of priorities in the light of the global pandemic, you’re not alone. In a recent poll of 500 UK business leaders, only a third said that adaptin...

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Q4 Ma2 Ir35    Blog (1)

HMRC are preparing to go forward with IR35 despite COVID-19

The controversial IR35 legislation, created to tackle tax avoidance by both workers and the businesses hiring them, is set to come into force on its revised launch date of 6 April 2021, regardles...

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Returning To The Workplace Facebook

How to prepare for returning to the workplace

With the lockdown slowly lifting across more and more industries, businesses are considering the future of working in an office environment and how to do so safely. We will look at how businesses a...

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Copy Of Tax Evolution Linkedin

The Evolving Role of the Tax Professional

In recent times the tax professional has seen an unprecedented amount of change across their specialism including regular developments to regulation, compliance, workplace environments and technolo...

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