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Why Is Data Important For Your Business   Blog (1)

Why is Data important for your business?

​Gathering data to analyse an organisation and its customers has become an integral part of running a business. Some of the biggest companies in the world based on market value are predominantly te...

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Are We Creating Too Much Data   Blog

Are our digital transformations creating too much data?

​It didn’t take long for the first personal computers to run out of storage space. Today, even the most basic smartphone is much more powerful, with way more capacity than those early models. The t...

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Cybersecurity Eu   Blog

What will the biggest impact be on the cyber security world in 2021?

Year on year, keyboard criminals and their attacking methods get more advanced. Cybercrime since its recognition, has been on a constant rise and therefore each year presents itself as a new challe...

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Dev Ops Eu   Blog

The Growing European Software Development market

During my years in Software Development Recruitment, I have witnessed the growing European market for development services. It doesn’t take long recruiting in this market to see how the shortage of...

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