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Digital transformation: the growing data problem

As digital transformation has gathered pace across all sectors over the past couple of years, fundamentally changing the way we work with its introduction of new technologies, 2020 will see one of ...

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It’s not only candidates who need to sell themselves

In today’s market, recruitment is very much a two-way process: not only does the candidate need to sell themselves during the interview process, the employer also needs to sell their organisation j...

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Sabbaticals, secondments and career breaks

There comes a time in many employees’ careers when they need to take a break or make a change, but don’t necessarily want to move jobs. Whether taking time off is needed to look after children or c...

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The importance of the candidate experience

The balance of power in today’s candidate-short market has well and truly shifted, meaning that employers need to pay more attention to the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. ...

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