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How to make your next move as a CFO

The role of the CFO has changed radically over the last few years from an accountant on the board, to trusted business partner, to vital C Suite strategist.  A CFO these days is typically second in...

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The pros and cons of digital transformation for finance departments

Relatively new technology has very quickly become an integral part of many organisations’ digital transformation plans. But do the likes of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process informat...

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How I view Transformation in 2018

How I view Transformation in 2018, what’s important, where is it going, how are companies embracing it In 2018 the finance function evolution continues. Ongoing financial operations need us to d...

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The rise of the finance business partner

In a world where businesses are feeling increasingly vulnerable about the commercial and financial risks they’re exposed to, the requirements of finance professionals are rapidly changing. Conventi...

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What it takes to become a commercial accountant

In recent years, advances in technology, the proliferation of big data, and underlying market conditions have elevated the finance function to become the strategic heartbeat of any business. The ro...

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