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Recruiting remotely

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted every business sector to some extent – from simply embracing remote working as part of social distancing, through to the abrupt closure of hundr...

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It’s not only candidates who need to sell themselves

In today’s market, recruitment is very much a two-way process: not only does the candidate need to sell themselves during the interview process, the employer also needs to sell their organisation j...

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Moving into Finance after University

Graduating can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders, but that relief is often short lived when you are confronted with the dilemma of what comes next. Typically, some student debt is going ...

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Job Interview

How to answer difficult interview questions

Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences for most of us. Between trying to sell yourself to a potential new employer, remembering all the research you did and striking the right balance betwee...

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It doesn’t have to be a quiet festive season in recruitment

Traditionally, December is always seen as the quietest month in recruitment. September is always busy as people come back from summer holidays with renewed interest, then the knock-on effect of tha...

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