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The Real Cost Of Getting Recruitment Wrong   Blog (1)

The real cost of getting recruitment wrong

​Imagine investing in cutting-edge tech – updating hardware, installing new software, moving from a legacy system via company-wide training – only for it to fail in six months, forcing you to start...

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Unconscious Bias Blog   Blog

Reducing unconscious bias in recruitment

Following our successful webinar with Hayley Barnard of MIX Diversity on unconscious bias within the recruitment process, we thought it would be useful to share some of the wisdom we learned from t...

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Recruitment Remotely Facebook (1)

Recruiting remotely

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted every business sector to some extent – from simply embracing remote working as part of social distancing, through to the abrupt closure of hundr...

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It’s not only candidates who need to sell themselves

In today’s market, recruitment is very much a two-way process: not only does the candidate need to sell themselves during the interview process, the employer also needs to sell their organisation j...

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Counter Offer

What to do when faced with a counter offer

Securing a new position is a stressful enough time, but after all your hard work interviewing and getting an offer, another obstacle can sometimes appear – a counter offer from your current employe...

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