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Hybrid Blog   Blog

The Next Normal: Are we ready for hybrid working?

In a year like no other, 2020 saw the workplace react impressively to remote working, then its more permanent sibling, the working-from-home model, which soon became known as “the new normal”. Now,...

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Q4 Ma4 Virtual Audit   Blog (1)

How do you prepare for a virtual audit?

In these challenging economic times and with nothing but uncertainty on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that businesses keep on top of regulatory requirements and changing legislation, e...

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Returning To The Workplace Facebook

How to prepare for returning to the workplace

With the lockdown slowly lifting across more and more industries, businesses are considering the future of working in an office environment and how to do so safely. We will look at how businesses a...

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Fighting The Unwanted Fight Facebook

The Technology Sector Fighting the Unwanted Fight

With the uncertainty of Covid-19 plaguing many UK businesses, the question of “how organisations navigate this quite impossible task?” is one I was keen to find out.   Since the beginning of ...

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Recruitment Remotely Facebook (1)

Recruiting remotely

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted every business sector to some extent – from simply embracing remote working as part of social distancing, through to the abrupt closure of hundr...

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