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Which job is the right job?

At a number of stages in your search for a new job, you could be faced with a dilemma. Hopefully, they will be in positive scenarios, such as weighing up different offers for the role of your dream...

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What it takes to become a commercial accountant

In recent years, advances in technology, the proliferation of big data, and underlying market conditions have elevated the finance function to become the strategic heartbeat of any business. The ro...

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Finance Transformation – heading towards 2020

The days of Finance merely acting as a cost-saving function are well behind us. Although its fundamental roles of providing insight, managing risk and ensuring efficiency are still at its core, the...

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How important is industry specific experience when recruiting into finance?

Industry experience became a useful buzzword term in the days before a candidate-driven market, when employers had so many applicants they had to narrow down their long list somehow. When opportuni...

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Starting a new job doesn’t have to be terrifying

You’re through the application process; aced the interviews; and accepted an offer. The hard part is over, isn’t it? So, why are you feeling increasingly stressed as the start date for your new j...

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