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It’s not only candidates who need to sell themselves

In today’s market, recruitment is very much a two-way process: not only does the candidate need to sell themselves during the interview process, the employer also needs to sell their organisation j...

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How to make your next move as a CFO

The role of the CFO has changed radically over the last few years from an accountant on the board, to trusted business partner, to vital C Suite strategist.  A CFO these days is typically second in...

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Which job is the right job?

At a number of stages in your search for a new job, you could be faced with a dilemma. Hopefully, they will be in positive scenarios, such as weighing up different offers for the role of your dream...

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Need For Speed

The Need For Speed, Pt 2

Slow hiring can be damaging to your business on a number of fronts. Here are our five top reasons you need to speed up your recruitment process to remain competitive in today’s market. 1.   Tale...

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The benefits of shared parental leave

Following the introduction of new regulations in 2015, women were given the option of exchanging their maternity leave for shared parental leave (SPL). After the initial two weeks leave new mothers...

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