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Work/life balance: parenting

While this blog is mainly aimed at parents, it’s important to stress from the outset that a healthy work/life balance should be the goal of everyone, regardless of whether they have children or not...

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Why employee perks aren’t always as generous as they seem

The never-ending quest for the ultimate work/life balance, coupled with differing generational attitudes to careers in general have put more and more emphasis on employee benefits over recent years...

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A dozen reasons everyone should consider temping

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, coupled with the recent gradual change in mentality from Millennials about careers, there has been a marked preference for temporary staff from both employe...

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Balance X

The ultimate balancing act

What does work/life balance mean? Prior to Generation X, people had a working life and a life outside of work. Work was valued, unemployment a real fear, and people often stayed in the same job ...

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The benefits of shared parental leave

Following the introduction of new regulations in 2015, women were given the option of exchanging their maternity leave for shared parental leave (SPL). After the initial two weeks leave new mothers...

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