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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At The Consultancy Group we are committed to being a responsible business and will constantly strive to improve both our Corporate Social Responsibility and our environmental policies. We believe the long term future of our business is best served by respecting the interests of all of our stakeholders: Employees, candidates, clients, suppliers and the wider community.

We promote equal opportunities for everyone in employment, free from discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, creed, colour, race, age, ethnic origin, nationality or disability. 

We will respect our employees and actively encourage their development and training whilst considering their welfare, health and safety.

We encourage all of our employees to operate a paperless office and use electronic forms and processes and communicate via email wherever possible. We ask all of our employees to turn off their computers at night and not leave them on standby so as to reduce consumption of electricity. We will regularly review our business practices to identify how we can improve our energy efficiency and minimise waste.

We will build relationships with our local communities and work with local charities and voluntary organisations to put this into practice. We are currently supporting a local charity called Community Music in action.The charity funds music projects in Bromley and neighbouring boroughs, targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people who, for social or economic reasons, may not otherwise have the opportunity to access such activities. The projects run by Community Music in Action aim to afford participants the opportunity to experience first hand the positive impact of making music with others. Please follow the link and look at our blog for further information.